Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a writing challenge began...

It's not Wednesday (that post is in reserve for tomorrow), but I do want to post this right away: My new blog is part of a challenge created by my old friend and former writing partner in Budapest. He moved there permanently; I lived there for a few years in the 1990s. We worked together at various writing and editing jobs, drank together (he knew how and I didn't) and did the usual Expat-who-wants-to-be-Hemingway thing on a regular basis: Wrote and critiqued each other in a coffeehouse (in this case, The Astoria). I'll call him The Dream Warrior, as he calls himself on his blog.

The Dream Warrior writes, on his blog: "We agree to posting on our blogs at regular intervals, let's say weekly. We announce to people that we're doing it, and then there's social pressure to maintain the blog. If you don't publish on the appointed day, then you're not only letting yourself down, or not living up to some lofty ideal, you're letting down a friend whose face you'll have to look into when you explain that you didn't live up to your mutual expectation."

Now, I can't literally look my old friend in the face if I don't post at least weekly; I haven't seen him and his family since my last trip to Hungary five years ago. But Dream Warrior has a talent for jerking me back into common sense with that wise-old-man-who-never-gets-old mien he has possessed since I met him in 1992. So he can be thousands of miles away and it will still be his voice going "Hmmm, well," his eyebrow raised, if I don't keep up.

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  1. You are too kind. And... I am unfortunately beginning to get old.